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Let´s go!

"The graphical recording by Lise is a kind of documentation that lives for a long time in our consciousness and contributes to a strong commitment to our projects and company in general."

Susanne Grøn
Vice president, Process Innovation, Chr. Hansen

"The drawing made the subject seem less complex, helping the participants gain a sense of joy and engagement for the project. The drawing was put on a wall afterwards for people to look at and share thoughts and ideas, so it actually ‘lived’ for a long time after the actual workshop."

Bjørn Borup
CIO at Ingeniørforeningen IDA

"Potentially difficult to remember details and processes at the end of a strategy day. Not here! Today, a five-meter-long series of interconnected images adorns a wall in our office, giving rise to daily reflections and discussion. Hugely valuable and aesthetically attractive. Lise did an excellent job."

Claus Adam Jarløv
CEO, GlobalDenmark

"It is fair to say that Lises graphical recording contributes to adding great value, as it makes it very clear who we are as a company and points out our values and vision. The drawing creates enthusiasm among the participants, as it invites to dialogue and reflection."

Robert Neble Larsen
CEO, EDC Poul Erik Bech

"Praise you, Lise, for guiding the excited group in the heat of the battle in a calm and competent manner. It was a great course in graphical facilitation with both learning and laughter!"

Kirsten Groth Willesen
Special Consultant, Sundhedsstyrelsen

"Thank you, Lise Grastrup, for making a difficult task seem easy! Drawings made on the spot in collaboration with the participants are a fantastic tool to design strategic solutions."

Jesper Sylvest Sørensen
Business Transformation Partner at Telenor DK

"Lise knows exactly what kind of questions to ask and when in order to create the perfect result - The video was a great success and received applause at the launch!"

Joan Roed
Resources & Planning - R&D Microbial Platform, Chr. Hansen

"Three fine hand-drawn info-movies we had created in coorperation with Lise: The visual language really has a special force and Lise is good at decoding the points from our input and quick at executing and delivering high quality!"

Gitte Lindhard
Talent and leadership Director, GN Store Nord a/S

"The visual language is very strong and words alone do not encapsulate the topics sufficiently. It supports our dialogues and reflections – thank you, Lise, for the cool drawings and the fast delivery!"

Kari Rose Holm
Program Manager, Sundhedsstyrelsen


In a crazy and wild, noisy world, your business needs to communicate clearly and in a way that is remembered. Illustrations support and highlight your company's focal points, who you are and what you are working to achieve. AND: They make it easier to work towards your common goal. In the Essens-Raketten, you fly into space and radiate your messages clearly.


The Essence-Rocket is helps you highlight who you/ your company are, your skills, convey your message, communicate the essence - bring it into the light, put into play, shot into space!


With the rocket's wild effect and impact on the world, you shine brightly: whether it concerns your vision, strategy, policy, value set, principle, method, business plan or something else entirely.



Why that name, you ask


Well, you see. The rocket breaks through the sound barrier, it radiates, it stands out clearly, attracts attention, is full of energy and creates curiosity. 

The output can look many ways: a drawn info-video, a poster, a workshop where your entire company/ organization together illustrates, examines and solves your challenge.


So who do you and your company want to be?


A clear communicator of your vision or strategy?

A group of fledgling, engaging project managers, teachers or bosses?


Let's get on board and create YOUR special rocket.

I make sure noses and chest hair are in place so nothing holds us back in the process.

Designing your Essence Rocket:


In workshops or conferences, make takeaways tangible, anchor the strategy and manifest project ownership. 


An illustration can significantly enhance immediate understanding of what your core message is all about. 


Learn how to use visual tools in your work life: take visual notes, facilitate a meeting and create visual presentations.


Make content easily understood and save time by telling your  story in a direct and eye-catching way.

Are you curious to here more? Call me at +45 51 20 76 89 or write me an email: [email protected]


Graphic facilitation is not about pretty drawings, nor are they pieces of art. It is about initiating internal and external dialogue and communicating in an ancient yet new way.
This book will guide you in building your toolbox of graphical elements and combining them in unique ways to convey your message and add magic to processes in professional contexts.


Clients tend to highlight how graphic facilitation changes the dialogue and provides a positive and energized atmosphere in meetings, strategy days etc.

Clients often emphasize the great impact an info-movie has on their employees and how much better the message is understood and remembered.

Clients are thrilled when they realize how easy they can actually learn to use the visual tools themselves, and how much easier it is for them to communicate clearly!


SO: No matter what your need is you can expect great changes!




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