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This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.



I´m an architect with experience from design studios and engineering companies. Today, I offer illustration services as a graphical/visual recorder, creates drawn info-videoes and offers courses in graphic facilitation in-person and online. 

How do I work?

I'm always focused on exploring what is required to solve your specific challenge or task in the most beneficial way. Together we find the best solution.

Situations and understanding of the issue at hand can change during the process and I pride myself of being flexible and keep my eye at the ball to ensure you will benefit the most from the product.

My idea

Drawings are amazingly powerful for enhancing engagement and ownership among your employees, and the purpose of my work is therefore to translate your company's ideas, visions etc, to visual and memorable presentations.

I provide the fertile soil in which your business projects can grow sustainably and successfully.

The power of unique

The primary services are graphical recordings, animated info-films and courses in graphic facilitation. 

Furthermore, I provide illustrations for presentations, reports and newsletters. Customized drawings especially curated for the specific purpose obviously hold a much bigger power than  illustrations from random imagery stocks.


In a noisy world every business needs to communicate clearly and memorable. Graphical illustration is a key to do this.

Drawings reveal and highlight your focus points, who you are and what you are pursuing. They present your common understanding and make it easier for you, as a company, to work towards common goals and in the same direction.

And the good news are:

YOU can learn how to create visual material yourself, since it´s all about communication, not pieces of art!


Are you curious to hear more? Call me at +45 51207689 or write me an email: [email protected]



What my clients say about my work

"We at F5 have high expectations and Lise delivers at a high level each time because she, in a structured and professional manner, manages to create a completed picture of the main topics and points. "

Per Holm
Senior Manager of Operations

"THANK YOU, Lise Grastrup. In just one day, Lise managed to open up my mind to the act of drawing. Now, I have the courage to do it and will even claim that I have mastered the art of drawing – and I will never stop! "

Carina Cederbye
CEO, Cederbye

"It is fair to say that Lises graphical recording contributes to adding great value, as it makes it very clear who we are as a company and points out our values and vision. "

Robert Neble Larsen
CEO, EDC Erhverv, Poul Erik Bech

"Lise is a competent and accommodating teacher and I highly recommend her courses to others who are in the field of teaching and communication. "

Eva Ulstrup
Learning Consultant at the university of Copenhagen

"Thank you, Lise Grastrup, for making a difficult task seem easy! Drawings made on the spot in collaboration with the participants are a fantastic tool to design strategic solutions! "

Jesper Sylvest Sørensen
Job Business Transformation Partner at Telenor DK

"Lise Illustrates a very complex topic in an impressive manner! A great way to state and discus the most important points of the day. "

Kenneth Thomsen
Senior HR Consultant at Danske Bank

"The speed and the types of assignments made sure that we got the tools and instructions in the correct order to become confident with them. Already the day after the course, we used the new skills at an intern strategy day, which was very strong and powerful! "

Henrik Bogh
Marketing Manager, Rhetorica

"Thank you for a great course in graphic facilitation, Lise. I just used drawing in my presentation and it was so cool! The feedback I got from the participants was amazing!"

Malene Keil Sørensen
Senior Consultant, Danske Bank

"The graphical recording by Lise is a kind of documentation that lives for a long time in our consciousness and contributes to a strong commitment to our projects and company in general"

Susanne Grøn
Vice President, Process Innovation, Chr. Hansen

"The drawing made the subject seem less complex, helping the participants gain a sense of joy and engagement for the project. The drawing was put on a wall afterwards for people to look at and share thoughts and ideas, so it actually ‘lived’ for a long time after the actual workshop."

Bjørn Borup
CIO, Ingeniørforeningen IDA

"Praise you, Lise, for guiding the excited group in the heat of the battle in a calm and competent manner! It was a great day, learning graphical facilitation, with a lot of good laughs during the tasks!"

Kirsten Groth Willesen
Special Consultant, Sundhedsstyrelsen

"Lises drawings in our application-material highlighted the main points and the vision for the green house of entrepreneurship, and the combination of words and drawings made the material stand out strongly, which, perhaps, was the reason why we won the project."

Kristine Garde
Head of Cleantech Innovation, Scion DTU

"We wanted to present a complex biotechnological system and Lise delivered a really nice illustration, which brings our message across with humor and elegant visual expression."

Claus Kristensen
CEO GlycoDisplay

"Lise is very effective and professional in the working process. The poster we had made for our kick-off seminar became a success! People were thrilled and the visual presentation was a great support for the leaders telling the company story in a clear and vivid way, pointing at the poster."

Mickey Maymann
Country Manager, Denmark, The Adecco Group

Send me a message

You are welcome to call me at +45 51207689 or leave me a message here and I will get back to you as soon as I am available.