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"Lise just lifted the task to a higher level! The dialogue was good and constructive all the way through the process and the result was much better than I dreamed of! "

Sunny Cagara

"Lise knows exactly what kind of questions to ask and when in order to create the perfect result - The video was a great success and received applause at the launch!"

Joan Roed
Resources & Planning – R&D Microbial Platform, Chr. Hansen

"Three fine hand-drawn info-movies we had created in coorperation with Lise: The visual language really has a special force and Lise is good at decoding the points from our input and quick at executing and delivering high quality!"

Gitte Lindhard
Talent and leadership Director, GN Store Nord A/S

"In a management as large as ours it´s crucial that we choose the right canal for communication in order to make sure that a message reaches everybody in a direct way. Lises video was a success and had the effect we wished for."

C. Frandsen
Projektleder, TMF, The Municipality of Copenhagen

"To be communicated on our screens in the reception, Lise made a hand-drawn info-movie telling about the operation of the district heating plant. A complex subject communicated through visuals that retains the viewer."

Berit Haahr Hansen
Project Leader, The Municipality of Copenhagen

"Quite impressive how fast and precisely Lise managed to capture the essences and communicate it in drawings. A really satisfying process with clear management and open dialogue. We love the result!"

Nikolaj Selmer Mølbye
Project Manager, Kryger A/S


A short hand-drawn info-video made especially for your business is a strong way of showing who you are and what you offer. Or perhaps you are introducing a new app or an organizational change and wish to communicate it in a clear and see-through-way to your employees. 

I make videos drawn by hand - sometimes combined with other medias - the sky is the limit and together we work out a storyboard and talk about the type of theme, length, pace, music etc.

If you need a voice-over for your video, either your own voice, the voice of your boss or a professional voice-over, this can easily be arranged.

The process of making a short movie is always fun and challenging:

How would you make your point clear if you had only 2 minutes?

What kind of images would be suitable?



Good to know

To start with you give me your input and we talk about your thoughts and ideas. Then I work out a storyboard (pdf. file) for you to accept before we proceed. Once you have accepted the storyboard I bill you for this before I start shooting the video.



Watch these videos to see which style suits your needs.

The Copenhagen Municipality


For the municipality of Copenhagen - TMF - this movie was created in order to make the 2200 employees use a new online tool to improve the sharing of knowledge among them, which turned out very successfully!


Sunny Cagara


For magician Sunny Cagara 'Thought to Line' has created this informational video, which Sunny provides his customers with prior to his performance. This way, all crucial information is given in a easy to understand and houmoristic manner.

Included in the price is time used to draw and create the many different scenarios.




In collaboration with Kinth Video Production and Rezycl 'Thought to Line' created this short, handdrawn movie which describes the product Rezycl offers in an illustrative manner.

Prior to filming approx. 3 hours were spent in dialogue with the client in order to determine, which drawings the video should contain of. Filming lasted another 3 hours and was followed by half a day editing process including cutting and adding voice over.


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