Become a clear visual communicator - with great impact!

Start developing now!

"The speed and the types of assignments made sure that we got the tools and instructions in the correct order to become confident with them. Already the day after the course, we used the new skills at an intern strategy day, which was very strong and powerful!"

Henrik Bogh
Marketing Manager, Rhetorica

"Fantastic! Lise is a competent and patient teacher. She guided us through the general elements and guidelines and helped us become confidential with the new skills. We even managed to develop a common graphic identity for us to use in the future."

Marie Baad Holdt
Senior Consultant, Ingerfair

"Thank you for a great course in graphic facilitation. I just used drawing in my presentation and it was so cool! The feedback I received from the participants was amazing! "

Malene Keil Sørensen
Senior Consultant, Danske Bank

"Lise is a competent and accommodating teacher and I will hereby highly recommend her courses to others who are in the field of teaching and communication. "

Eva Ulstrup
Learning Consultant at the university of Copenhagen

"THANK YOU, Lise Grastrup. In just one day, Lise managed to open up my mind to the act of drawing. Now, I have the courage to do it and will even claim that I have mastered the art of drawing – and I will never stop!"

Carina Cederbye
CEO, Cederbye

"Praise you, Lise, for guiding the excited group in the heat of the battle in a calm and competent manner! It was a great day, learning graphical facilitation, with a lot of good laughs during the tasks!"

Kirsten Groth Willesen
Special Consultant, Sundhedsstyrelsen

"Lises after-work meeting in graphical facilitation was a great crowd-puller! And the feedback was really good, such as: Lise is a superior communicator. What I personally really liked, was the fact that Lise had planned the content to fit project leaders, which was spot on!"

John Thomsen
Board Member, IDA Process

"The mini-course for HR managers was a great success, not least because of Lises stable, calm and competent way of teaching."

Gitte Madsen
Senior Consultant, Cfl

"We have noticed, that the graphical techniques and the thinking behind it adds a lot of value to our world of teaching. Lise is an absolutely competent and energetic teacher: The excited and engaged atmosphere can not be ignored through the door to my office right next to the classroom!"

Jesper Holtoug
School Consultant, Allerød Municipality

Ensure more effective meetings

When you are in charge of a meeting or a workshop is it important for you to:
Stand out as a clear communicator with clear messages?
Lead the meeting efficiently?
Facilitate a process or a brainstorm in a way that really generates good ideas?
Make sure that everybody knows what to do afterwards?


This you will learn at my course in graphical facilitation.
The course is based on “how-to-exercises” and a lot of sharing what you draw with the group, in order to share and inspire - one of the great points when drawing: steal with pride!

Pictures help us to see, understand and remember, increase our focus and point out main points and decisions:

A true time saver!

You will be amazed how fast the new skills will show an effect once you decide to implement them in your worklife. 

Development guarantuee - so why wait?

Everybody can learn to facilitate visually. No need for drawing skills in advance.
 An open and curious mind is sufficient...


You will learn to:

Draw simple icons

Draw a process by combining the icons

Use templates when you are presenting

Listen and draw simultaneously


At the course you get:

Basic drawing techniques and guidelines

30 simple icons for graphical facilitation

A selection of templates

Inspiration to move forward


After the course you will be able to:

Facilitate a meeting visually

Make visual presentations

Make visual notes



Prices are for courses in Denmark. Ask for other locations.

What does a company course include?

I will bring all necessary materials so the only thing you need to provide is lunch, snack and coffee. It may be an idea to purchase markers for everyone in order to make it a special treat!


The open course is held in Copenhagen on following adress: Indiakaj 10, 2nd floor, 2100 Cph. East, from 9am to 4pm.

You pay for the open course when you sign up and the registration is binding. Sign up by writing to: [email protected]

For ordering any of the other educational opportunities give me a call or write me, and we´ll work out the details: 5120 7689, [email protected]


The prices include transportation in Copenhagen. If the course is held outside Copenhagen there will be an extra price for transportation-time and petrol: 400 dkr. pr. ½ hour + VAT and 3,70 dkr. pr. km.

It is also possible to book a 2-hour follow-up session a few months after the company course: 4.500 dkr. + VAT. Or you can buy a 2-day company course: 35.000 dkr. + VAT.


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