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"Lises drawings in our application-material highlighted the main points and the vision for the green house of entrepreneurship, and the combination of words and drawings made the material stand out strongly, which, perhaps, was the reason why we won the project."

Kristine Garde
Head of Cleantech Innovation, Scion DTU

"Lise is very effective and professional in the working process. The poster we had made for our kick-off seminar became a success! People were thrilled and the visual presentation was a great support for the leaders telling the company story in a clear and vivid way, pointing at the poster."

Mickey Maymann
Country Manager, Denmark, The Adecco Group

"We often use Lises illustration in our daily work, teaching the construction industry how to use the ICT Executive order. Lises background as an Architect made us feel safe in choosing her to do the job. We are very pleased with the result and the professional cooperation."

Hanne Steffensen
Communication Manager, K-Jacobsen A/S

"We wanted to present a complex biotechnological system and Lise delivered a really nice illustration, which brings our message across with humor and elegant visual expression."

Claus Kristensen
CEO GlycoDisplay, University of Copenhagen

"We have no doubt that the simple visual way of communication strengthens learning and powers up the level of reflections amongst our employees in our care centres and home care service - thank you, Lise, for the great reflection cards."

Kirsten Groth Willesen
Special Consultant, Sundhedsstyrelsen

"Lise has created several templates for IDA Innovation Lab for us to work in actively as we develop our projects. Lises style expresses professionalism with a touch of personality, which we like – and she works fast!"

Bjørn Borup
CIO, Ingeniørforeningen IDA

"The visual language is very strong and words alone do not encapsulate the topics sufficiently. It supports our dialogues and reflections – thank you, Lise, for the cool drawings and the fast delivery!"

Kari Rose Holm
Program Manager, Sundhedsstyrelsen

"In order to add focus to our four core values amongst our employees we had Lise make four posters - she really knows how to translate words into powerful easy-to-read pictures!"

Kristine Cavling
Consultant, Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune


When using illustrations made specifically for your exact purpose you make sure, that the message gets through to your target audience. A drawing talks to us in a direct way that words don´t.

That´s why it´s so effective to use an illustration to show your product, knowledge or vision. By clearly pointing out your message you stand out as special.

Furthermore, illustrations are a great supplement to e.g. rapports, powerpoint presentations and teaching material. With simple illustrations, icons etc. the content is lifted to a higher level and makes perception easier.

Experience how effectively you can present your vision, goal, agenda, product – or whatever – by using illustrations.



I deliver illustrations for various purposes – the sky is the limit!
Together we´ll find the best solution for you, depending on your
needs, ideas and wishes.


I charge dkr. 1.400,- ekskl. VAT per hour. You can see different examples above and get an idea about the pricing.

I am looking forward to creating great drawings in collaboration with you and your company.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

+45 5120 7689

eller [email protected] 


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