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"The graphical recording is a kind of documentation that lives for a long time in our consciousness and contributes to a strong commitment to our projects and company in general."

Susanne Grøn
Vice president, Process Innovation, Chr. Hansen

"The drawing made the subject seem less complex, helping the participants gain a sense of joy and engagement for the project. The drawing was put on a wall afterwards for people to look at and share thoughts and ideas, so it actually ‘lived’ for a long time after the actual workshop."

Bjørn Borup
CIO at Ingeniørforeningen IDA

"Potentially difficult to remember details and processes at the end of a strategy day. Not here! Hugely valuable and aesthetically attractive. Lise did an excellent job."

Claus Adam Jarløv
CEO GlobalDenmark

"Lise adapts easily to the situation and manages in a very impressive manner to illustrate very complex topics. A great way to state the most important points of the day. "

Kenneth Thomsen
Senior HR Consultant at Danske Bank

"Thank you, Lise, for making a difficult task seem easy! Targeted drawings made on the spot in collaboration with the participants are a fantastic tool to design strategic solutions."

Jesper Sylvest Sørensen
Business Transformation Partner at Telenor DK

"It is fair to say that Lises graphical recording contributes to adding great value, as it makes it very clear who we are as a company and points out our values and vision."

Robert Neble Larsen
CEO EDC Poul Erik Bech

"We at F5 have high expectations and Lise delivers at a high level each time because she, in a structured and professional manner, manages to create a completed picture of the main topics and points."

Per Holm
Senior Manager of Operations at F5 networking

"On our big annual conference CPH CLIMATE SOLUTIONS Lise managed to keep an impressive overview of the range of parallel workshops, and their content as well as the overall content and points of the conference - a very beautiful drawing it became!"

Per Boesgaard
Senior Consultant at the Municipality of Copenhagen

"With hardly any knowledge in advance Lise manages to pick up and draw the points of the day and at the same time make the drawing clear and easy to overview chronologically. Very effective and impressing!"

Daniel Jørgensen
Sales Director, Ørsted (Dong Energy)

"Apart from drawing the spoken word Lise manages to add atmosphere and character to the illustrations, and it was highly valuable to hear her resume at the end of the day, since she provides a sharp objective perspective."

Henrik Timm
Partner, Peak Consulting Group

"The obvious benefits of a graphical recording are that it is a process tool that, at the same time, gives a concrete and visible output right away – which forms the common basis for peoples own story – and, furthermore, the visual language speaks strongly to our brain, initiates reflection and has a great WOW-effect!"

Gitte Skibstrup Nikolajsen
Chair of the School Board, Skt. Helene Skole

"Fantastic to have you with us, Lise. Your graphical recording was the perfect way of documenting our work with legal rights and your spoken wrap-up added both reflection and humor! "

Lisbeth Jessen
CEO, Danner

"The wishes of the citizens are very important for us to focus on and take seriously. So we hired Lise to add drawings to all the thoughts and ideas on a public meeting: very inspiring and a clear base to work from."

Mette Lund Norre
City Planner, Municipality of Albertslund

"It was very inspirational having you with us, Lise, and your drawing will be a beacon for the development of our future reporting."

Thomas Emig
Head of Accounting & Control at Maersk Tankers

"At our public meeting, handling a sensitive subject, Lise made a graphical recording. The drawing added clear hardheaded visuals to help us develop and improve our work on a daily basis."

Helle Mitzie Stennicke
Health Manager, Municipality of Hilleroed


Do you recognize this at your meetings and workshops?:

People are half asleep…

A low level of engagement and focus…

No one seems to be 100% committed…

A lack of enthusiasm…

Would you like to make sure that:

The participants join in the discussions and feel ownership?

The points of the day are remembered for a long time?

People are present and awake?

Visibility and transparency is provided?


Prices are for recordings in Denmark. Ask for other locations.

What does a recording include?

After the meeting, you will keep the drawing and can hang it somewhere visible as a reminder to participants. As an add-on service, it is possible to receive a scanned PDF version to support distribution to the participants. Alternatively, I photograph the drawing and refine it in PhotoShop, also for PDF or jpeg. distribution.


Experience the difference TODAY!

All you need to do is tell me the date, the time and the place – I´ll work out the rest!

I bring all the necessary materials for the graphical recording, you just point out a flat piece of wall, about 3 meter long (for a whole day I prefer longer if possible).

Once you start talking I start drawing – I listen and draw simultaneously and I´m happy to point out what I have seen, heard and drawn by the end of the day, or during the day if that makes more sense.


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