Italien oxygenation vs. German weight

mindset Aug 31, 2018

It hits me like lighting from a clear sky, on my way home from my summer holiday in Italy, with a night at a motel in Germany: when talking about running a business, there are two main elements that are important. That is oxygenation and weight.


Italy is a place that is full of great dining experiences. It strikes me how amazing it is that new combinations can create that mindblowing feeling! It fills me up with energy. The sky is the limit.


Germany gives me a wibe of a traditional way of life. At the buffet the main ingredients are “sauerkraut, schweinefleisch, sauce und gemüse”, natürlich! You know what you can expect. The good old favorites for you.


Italien oxygenation – so what does that mean translated to running a business?

  • To let go of the desire to be in control
  • To let something unexpected seduce you
  • To combine stuff in new ways
  • To look at the world as a fluid form
  • To be inspired by people


German weight, translated to running a business:

  • To use your competences and skills
  • To be aware of “due diligence”
  • To do more of what works
  • To radiate surplus and professionalism
  • To create a solid habit of good preparation and follow-up


Actually these parametres can also be transferred to life in general.

I bet you recognize this: Sometimes you are so bored with everything that is a habit…you are longing for something totally new. Like quitting your job, painting a wall, making new dishes, selling the house or cutting off your long hair. You just need to be oxygenated and renewed.

At other times you just can´t be bothered by looking at any changes. You are aware that it´s good for you to be in a constant flow of development. Meet new people, eat new food, go for different walk than you usually do. You just don´t have the energy. You want to stick to your good old habits and feel the safety of it.


Don´t worry, it´s all good

 I´ll dare say that the good balance between these two parametres - oxygenation and weight – helps you as an entrepreneur or as a human being in general. So, wipe off the sweat from your forehead and trust in the fact that it´s all going to be fine. YOU are going to be fine.


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