Make your points clear

value gained Jun 28, 2018

You know the feeling: You´re facilitating an important meeting for leaders and employees in your company. Many hours spend on a day like that, and you have really put hours of work in the preparation.


A number of persons have their nose stuck in their phone while others are staring out the window.


This scenario can actually be avoided!

By using graphical facilitation you ensure the engagement and make sure that focus is on the topic. This is done by a clear and visual way of communication that anchors the main points and topics.

 We remember stuff much better when seeing stuff supported by drawings, and that´s a fact.

And there´s so many possibilities.

You can choose to prepare some templates before the meeting, that supports your statements, or you can choose to draw the points of the day during the meeting. Alternatively, you can hire an external consultant to do the drawing for you in a visual recording.


A visual...

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How does graphic facilitation provide value?

value gained Apr 23, 2018

Once you have held the pen in your hand and tried out the methods – and experience, that you are actually able to draw persons, arrows, signs and a template that sets the frame for a dialogue regarding an evaluation – the world opens up its arms!

You are now equipped to go out and express your messages clearly in front of coworkers, partners, clients and employees etc. Which thoughts come to your mind when you see this drawing? (Made by one of my learners). Which value would a similar template add to your work? The door into a great world of communication is wide open and you may inter and use the skills just the way it suits you.

So, go ahead, it´s about communication, not art!

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Are you cutting off the branch on which you are sitting?

value gained Nov 09, 2017

A person in my professionel network said: “It´s funny that you teach people to do what you do…and cut off the branch on which you are sitting!”

What do you think, is he right? My answer is no. On the contrary. For what is it really about? It´s about sharing what I know about the advantages of using drawings in meeting-situations. The more people I can convince about these tools the more people will use them and the more assignments I´ll get – I know that there is a limit to the number of tasks you´ll be able to take care of yourself.

What about you? Are you aware of the fact that it makes sense and adds value to share your knowledge instead of keeping your cards close to your body, in fear of being copied?

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You´re gonna love it!

value gained May 09, 2017

How often do you take a time-out and reflect upon what you do and why you do it?

Often? Rarely? Never?

Thought to Line made a graphical recording at a course in Danske Bank with the subject “Designing Learning” and one of the main points was: reflection changes behavior.

At the end of the day the participants had a dialogue around the 5 meter long drawing and reflected on the learnings of the day. A very strong experience.

So why use drawings on your meetings? Because:

Drawings support the process of learning.

Drawings make the points stand out clearly.

Drawings create meaning and relates to the topics.

You can learn how to do it yourself, or you can hire a professional illustrator like Thought to Line.

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