Italien oxygenation vs. German weight

mindset Aug 31, 2018

It hits me like lighting from a clear sky, on my way home from my summer holiday in Italy, with a night at a motel in Germany: when talking about running a business, there are two main elements that are important. That is oxygenation and weight.


Italy is a place that is full of great dining experiences. It strikes me how amazing it is that new combinations can create that mindblowing feeling! It fills me up with energy. The sky is the limit.


Germany gives me a wibe of a traditional way of life. At the buffet the main ingredients are “sauerkraut, schweinefleisch, sauce und gemüse”, natürlich! You know what you can expect. The good old favorites for you.


Italien oxygenation – so what does that mean translated to running a business?

  • To let go of the desire to be in control
  • To let something unexpected seduce you
  • To combine stuff in new ways
  • To look at the world as a fluid form
  • To be inspired by people


German weight, translated to...

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The forgotten way to remember

mindset Aug 16, 2018

Way back human beings were really good at telling stories through pictures. It was natural to us to communicate by using icons and simple structures. It was part of creating our common identity.

Our brain loves drawings. We understand and remember stuff much better when we draw it.

So why did we build up a society based mainly on numbers and words?

What happend to the straight forward way of communicating?


From which platform do I speak? Why do I care?

I work as an external eye. I´m hired to visually document what I see and hear a company talk about. The topics are often related to strategy, development plans, values, vision/ mission etc.

Questions often asked on a workshop:

Who are we?

What do we want?

What can we do?

Why are we good?

What is our next step?


Every assignment is unique. However, certain things are similar…that is humor and recognition.


When a person recognizes herself and sees her reflection is the drawings, she relaxes. The mind...

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Your right element...

mindset Apr 04, 2018

I´m standing in front of my course participants with a cup of coffee in my hand – the air exudes expectation and I take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. “It´s quite a journey to get to this point” I say to one of the participants next to me.

Will I get sufficient participants?

The people who say they´ll join the course, do they actually mean it? When should I book the room? Etc. Finally we´re here, a group is gathered, they are here now! THIS.IS.IT….YES!!!

Everything I´m fighting for as a consultant is coming true, all my competences come to action and I´m in my right element. When are you in your right element?

Do you ever sit down and think about what you would really love to do in this world, what your core competences are? I encourage you to do so, maybe even block your calendar for a few hours to reflect. If you do so it´ll much easier to find a job or function that is just right for you.

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mindset Feb 26, 2018

A while ago I had a meeting with a business-woman and I just cannot get her out of my head! Why? Because she was on a very strong mission. So what is her mission, you are probably wondering. Well, she has decided always to set up obstructions for herself! To never rest on the laurels, so every time things go smoothly she something must be changed and new challenges developed.

I really admire a person that like her. Maybe she is little extreme but the thought about constantly challenging one self is quite interesting, I must say.

What do you do in order keep yourself mentally moving forward? How do you exercise your brain?

Our brain is plastic and we change it via our thoughts and behavior. A strong way to support the development of our brain is to use drawings whenever we want to communicate something. Then the right side of our brain is activated, and starts working together with the left and more logical side of our brain, which is so clever since learning is a whole-brain sport.

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More development less comfort zone!

mindset Mar 15, 2017

Do you recognize any of these reservations when you are about to join (and pay for) a course:

”Surely, it can wait”

"My calendar and economy will look better later this year”

”It´s probably already sold out”

Don´t make a lot of reservations prevent you from joining a brilliant course in graphical facilitation!

Have a look at my online courses…;)

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Why do you get up in the morning?

mindset Nov 23, 2016

Take a good look at this drawing. Do you recognize any reasons why YOU get up in the morning? A while ago I did a graphical recording at a conference for Faxe municipality and the topic was “The good life.”

The moderator asked the 300 participants this very simple question: why do you get up in the morning? The answers were very strong and I illustrated it as follows:

A person saying YES = Happiness, I´m still alive!

A coffeecup = The thought of my morning coffee

Hearts on a podium = love as the cornerstone in my life

A weight = Balance between my work and my private life

Binoculars = Curiosity – I wonder what the day will bring

Money = My pay check

Simple and easy to understand for the eye and the brain, right?

Drawings are a strong tool when you want to illustrate your points – they stick to the brain in a totally different way then words. That´s why it is such a good idea to visualize your points in front of your team. You gain understanding,...

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