The forgotten way to remember

mindset Aug 16, 2018

Way back human beings were really good at telling stories through pictures. It was natural to us to communicate by using icons and simple structures. It was part of creating our common identity.

Our brain loves drawings. We understand and remember stuff much better when we draw it.

So why did we build up a society based mainly on numbers and words?

What happend to the straight forward way of communicating?


From which platform do I speak? Why do I care?

I work as an external eye. I´m hired to visually document what I see and hear a company talk about. The topics are often related to strategy, development plans, values, vision/ mission etc.

Questions often asked on a workshop:

Who are we?

What do we want?

What can we do?

Why are we good?

What is our next step?


Every assignment is unique. However, certain things are similar…that is humor and recognition.


When a person recognizes herself and sees her reflection is the drawings, she relaxes. The mind opens up, and a free passage to learning is created.

Humor gives room for uncertainty. Humor points out that we´re all imperfect. When laughing together we create space for development in a safe way.


The forgotten way to remember lifts us up to a higher level!



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