Make your points clear

value gained Jun 28, 2018

You know the feeling: You´re facilitating an important meeting for leaders and employees in your company. Many hours spend on a day like that, and you have really put hours of work in the preparation.


A number of persons have their nose stuck in their phone while others are staring out the window.


This scenario can actually be avoided!

By using graphical facilitation you ensure the engagement and make sure that focus is on the topic. This is done by a clear and visual way of communication that anchors the main points and topics.

 We remember stuff much better when seeing stuff supported by drawings, and that´s a fact.

And there´s so many possibilities.

You can choose to prepare some templates before the meeting, that supports your statements, or you can choose to draw the points of the day during the meeting. Alternatively, you can hire an external consultant to do the drawing for you in a visual recording.


A visual recording gives you:

  • Visability
  • Engagement
  • New thoughts


A client says this about a graphical recording:

 “On our internal strategy day for 80 employees, Lise Grastrup did a great visual recording. The drawing was a huge inspiration to the audience because it contributed to a good dialogue and reflection. It´s fair to say, that Lises recording contributed to adding great value as it makes it very clear who we are as a company and points out our values and vision.”

Robert neble Larsen, former CEO at EDC Erhverv, Poul Erik Bech


So, imagine that your points are getting through to your audience and that you´re looking at people with a light of engagement in their eyes! What would that mean to your bottom line, do you think??


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