Selfmade captivity...

hands on Aug 15, 2017

For every person there is a worldview, a story, a way of looking at the world.

My world is build up around images: I see the world as structures, shapes, formations, color-combinations – which is very effective in communication because our brain loves exactly that.

You may see the world in numbers…

In words…

In graphs….

Regardless of how you see the world you can easily learn some simple visual tools that will have a great impact on your work-life, for example in meeting situations. This template can be used to evaluate a meeting, a process or a project.

When you need to make sure that your meetings are effective it works when using drawings: with no pictures our brain remembers approximately 5% of what is said. Add pictures and the number raises to 50%!!

So go ahead! Through yourself into it. Copy this template and present it on a meeting: Your coworkers will respect you for it!  



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