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Why do you get up in the morning?

mindset Nov 22, 2016

Take a good look at this drawing. Do you recognize any reasons why YOU get up in the morning? A while ago I did a graphical recording at a conference for Faxe municipality and the topic was “The good life.”

The moderator asked the 300 participants this very simple question: why do you get up in the morning? The answers were very strong and I illustrated it as follows:

A person saying YES = Happiness, I´m still alive!

A coffeecup = The thought of my morning coffee

Hearts on a podium = love as the cornerstone in my life

A weight = Balance between my work and my private life

Binoculars = Curiosity – I wonder what the day will bring

Money = My pay check

Simple and easy to understand for the eye and the brain, right?

Drawings are a strong tool when you want to illustrate your points – they stick to the brain in a totally different way then words. That´s why it is such a good idea to visualize your points in front of your team. You gain understanding, respect and at the same time it is easy to relate to a new vision, goal etc. in your organization.

Remember: It is not about pretty drawings, it is about communicating in an effective way that everyone can understand.

You will quickly experience the difference!


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