Your right element...

mindset Apr 04, 2018

I´m standing in front of my course participants with a cup of coffee in my hand – the air exudes expectation and I take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. “It´s quite a journey to get to this point” I say to one of the participants next to me.

Will I get sufficient participants?

The people who say they´ll join the course, do they actually mean it? When should I book the room? Etc. Finally we´re here, a group is gathered, they are here now! THIS.IS.IT….YES!!!

Everything I´m fighting for as a consultant is coming true, all my competences come to action and I´m in my right element. When are you in your right element?

Do you ever sit down and think about what you would really love to do in this world, what your core competences are? I encourage you to do so, maybe even block your calendar for a few hours to reflect. If you do so it´ll much easier to find a job or function that is just right for you.


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