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value gained May 09, 2017

How often do you take a time-out and reflect upon what you do and why you do it?

Often? Rarely? Never?

Thought to Line made a graphical recording at a course in Danske Bank with the subject “Designing Learning” and one of the main points was: reflection changes behavior.

At the end of the day the participants had a dialogue around the 5 meter long drawing and reflected on the learnings of the day. A very strong experience.

So why use drawings on your meetings? Because:

Drawings support the process of learning.

Drawings make the points stand out clearly.

Drawings create meaning and relates to the topics.

You can learn how to do it yourself, or you can hire a professional illustrator like Thought to Line.

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More development less comfort zone!

mindset Mar 15, 2017

Do you recognize any of these reservations when you are about to join (and pay for) a course:

”Surely, it can wait”

"My calendar and economy will look better later this year”

”It´s probably already sold out”

Don´t make a lot of reservations prevent you from joining a brilliant course in graphical facilitation!

Have a look at my online courses…;)

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Why do you get up in the morning?

mindset Nov 23, 2016

Take a good look at this drawing. Do you recognize any reasons why YOU get up in the morning? A while ago I did a graphical recording at a conference for Faxe municipality and the topic was “The good life.”

The moderator asked the 300 participants this very simple question: why do you get up in the morning? The answers were very strong and I illustrated it as follows:

A person saying YES = Happiness, I´m still alive!

A coffeecup = The thought of my morning coffee

Hearts on a podium = love as the cornerstone in my life

A weight = Balance between my work and my private life

Binoculars = Curiosity – I wonder what the day will bring

Money = My pay check

Simple and easy to understand for the eye and the brain, right?

Drawings are a strong tool when you want to illustrate your points – they stick to the brain in a totally different way then words. That´s why it is such a good idea to visualize your points in front of your team. You gain understanding,...

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